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 Renjiro - Jedi Master - Aproved - DJ

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Renjiro Hyuuga
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Renjiro Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Renjiro - Jedi Master - Aproved - DJ   Renjiro - Jedi Master - Aproved - DJ Icon_minitimeSun Aug 17, 2008 8:32 am




Rank:Grand Jedi Master

Looks:see avatar

Personality:Calm relaxed but not afraid to kill

Force Powers:

Force Heal
Force Pull
Force Pusb
Force Speed
Force Persuasion

History/Background Story:(

Renjiros start

Renjiro started off life as a normal boy until he was 7. Then he was recruited by the last Jedi known in the whole universe called Grand Jedi Master Ko on his home world called Hibua. Renjiro was an orphan so only his closest friend missed him.

Renjiro as a Jedi

Renjiro had been with Master Ko for nearly 10 years and he had mastered the ways of the force to such an extent that he far supposed him on all my Jedi tests. Then I was given the rank of Master and given a seat within the now highly populated Jedi Order on a unknown planet.

Renjiro as a Jedi Master

Renjiro was a ruthless but fair Jedi known for his judgemental ways but honest and trusting ways. He had killed many Sith lords and bounty hunters, as there wasn’t any point in trying to capture them as time was precise to Renjiro and he was always busy.

Grand Master Jedi Renjiro

Master Ko passed away when Renjiro was 25 and because of this Renjiro took up the position as Grand Jedi Master. Since that day Renjiro has been pushed far beyond his limits as a Jedi but he has remained true to his Jedi ways and trying to maintain a stable Jedi Order in the process. Renjiro to date has never lost a single fight but recently his age has been catching up with him. Still he the greatest Jedi to have ever lived the far surpassed the like of anyone know to date.

Weapons: My hilt
Renjiro - Jedi Master - Aproved - DJ My_lightsaber

i have 3 of these and they are all blue. I always have one on my belt and teh other 2 are on my back belt. I usually only use 1 but if it arrises i can use 2 with great mastery

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Renjiro - Jedi Master - Aproved - DJ
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