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 App example: My app-Update(Not Finished, updating history)

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Darth Judicar
Dark Lord of the Sith
Darth Judicar

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App example: My app-Update(Not Finished, updating history) Empty
PostSubject: App example: My app-Update(Not Finished, updating history)   App example: My app-Update(Not Finished, updating history) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2008 9:28 pm

Name:Ave Namoto(Darth Judicar)



Rank:Dark Lord of the Sith

Looks:Silky long brown hair, looks handsome and charming. But on the inside he is a truely evil person. Wears Red Robes with a Black Trim.

Personality:Kinda emo. Doesnt talk much, when he does talk he sounds as if hes deep in thought.

Special Characteristics:none

Force Powers:

Name:Force Storm
Description:Force Storm was a Force lightning variant. The user would raise his palm upward and would create, through the Force, an explosion of electrical energy directed at all foes in the vicinity. It was used by both the Sith and Dark Jedi during the Jedi Civil War.Unlike the Force lightning, Force Storm was not limited to attacking enemies in one direction, as it affected all foes within a certain radius from the user.

Name:Force Lightning
Description:Force lightning was a purely energy-based attack used by practitioners of the dark side, especially the Sith. Because of this association, the ability was commonly referred to as Sith lightning. The attack channeled Force energy down the user's limbs, hurling arcing bolts of electricity from the wielder's fingertips or palms; Force lightning could be executed with either one or two hands.

Name:Force Drain
Description:Force abilities such as Drain life and Death field siphoned vitality to offer an equivalent effect of Force Healing, the difference being that the regenerative processes in the user was fueled draining the targets.

Name:Flames of Hatred(Custom)
Description:The user can channel his/her rage into the force and shoot fire out of there hands.

Name:Force Push
Description:Force Push was the ability to create a telekinetic impulse via the Force, launching a concussive burst of pressurized air-not unlike the blast of an archaic 'pipe bomb'-that would impact a target with enough force to knock it over, launch it into the air, or even (particularly in the case of fragile materials such as ceramics) shatter it into pieces.

Name:Force Pull
Description: A telekinetic ability using the Force that could cause a material body to draw close to the caster. The greater the user's aptitude with this, the heavier the object that could be pulled or the more wide arc or radius of the Force "wave". It could be used to pull weapons from enemies, or, at higher levels of skill, the enemies themselves to be brought closer to the Jedi's lightsaber range. This power was also very useful when a chasm or hole lay between the caster and the enemies. It could also be used to pull foes to the ground.

Name:Force Speed
Description:The user can run super fast with the force.

Name:Force Repulse
Description:An extremely powerful telekinetic Force power, similar in function to Force Push, and perhaps even more Force Blow, but on a far larger scale, akin to that of Force Wave. The user created sharp, visible kinetic ripples in space, which expanded outward rapidly, flinging nearby objects away at high velocity.

Name:Force Choke
Description:The User levitates the oponent into the air, and targets the neck. The force will then strangle their windpipes with the force.

Name:Force Fear
Description:a dark side Force power and possibly a dark side variant on the Jedi mind trick, used around 4,000 BBY by Sith and Jedi with dark side tendencies. It caused a single enemy to experience intense fear, making them cower for a short time. In a variation of this ability, the wielder would strike directly at the deepest parts of the target's mind, causing an uncontrollable shaking fear that would wreak havoc with the target's capabilities. While it couldn't cause the victim to cower, it could reduce their abilities to pitiful levels, and was impossible to defend against without embracing the fear and descending into darkness.

Name:Force Absorbtion
Description:It negated the harmful characteristics of certain offensive Force powers, such as Force Push and Force Lightning. Force Absorb would channel the offensive Force powers into Force energy, refreshing the user's connection to the Force. This technique became a useful one to Jedi that specialized in using Force powers. As they felt their energies running low, they could simply absorb power from others to feed themselves. Force Absorb has also been described as a "non-harmful Force drain".

Name:Force Scream
Description:If a Dark Jedi was being beaten and frustrated by his foe, he might let out an enraged scream (amplified through the Force) that triggered shock waves that rippled through the Force. This caused devastation to any that were unfortunate enough to be in close proximity. Like many Dark Side force powers, it allowed the user to use powerful negative emotions as a weapon, albeit involuntarily in this case. The Force Scream has been called a wave of hatred, amplified and fueled by the dark side, that is capable of smashing through mental and physical defenses with ease. A number of references to Dark Jedi in Old Republic archives often mentioned the Dark Jedi violently losing control in the final moments of battle.

Name:Force Crush
Description:It was possibly the darkest Force ability known to both the Sith and the Jedi. This deadly ability lifted the opponent into the air, and as he/she was floating, his/her body literally imploded as it was crushed by the Force. Common among followers of the dark side, by 3,951 BBY many Force users (rarely Jedi) could use the ability.

Description:Combustion was the Force ability that allowed users to make an object explode by sheer force of will. It was rarely used on a person, and the effects on inanimate objects and persons was devastating. Depending on the size, density and vulnerability of the object in question, combustion would become harder or easier to use successfully. It is disputed whether combustion could be prevented and stopped if another force user concentrated on an object to keep it from exploding. This may have cancelled it out, or it may have done nothing. Yarael Poof was known to use this power.

Name:Force Saber Barrier
Description: It consisted of having the lightsaber whirl hovering in a horizontal circle around the saber-wielding Jedi, thus creating a defensive, but deadly, wall of lightsaber blades, defending the Jedi primarily against melee attacks.

History/Background Story:

Childhood and Rise of Darth Judicar:Judicar's story starts before he was even born. His mother was geting ready to have him, the nearest planet was Korriban. Thus Judicar was born with the name Ave Namoto, in a place that seems impossible to call a hospital. Then a cloaked figure came to the hospital and struck down Judicar's mother, taking him and his soon-to-be beest friend away to the Sith Temple. Judicar loved to train with his best buddy, they both soared through the ranks. But then they both became powerful enough to become the Dark Lord of the Sith, they both killed the current Dark Lord. Then Judicar and his friend dueled a fierce duel, ending in the death of Judicar's best friend and a new Dark Lord of the Sith: Darth Judicar.

Reign as Dark Lord Arc:Judicar brung many to his cause and made one of the biggest armies in Sith History. Judicar altered the Rule of Two to fix this, he also called Darth Bane a fool for his miscalculation. Judicar then found Emperor Palpatine's(Darth Sidious) holocron. It taught him many things about the Dark Side, it even told him the plans for the Death Star. So the Death Star III was born. Judicar used it as his ultimate space station, along with that he enslaved kaminoans to make storm troopers. Judicar's army grew and he finally went to war with the Republic.

The War and the Aprentice Arc:Judicar's army annhilated the Republic. There were Sith Lords and Storm Troopers at the same time: Armys of them. Judicar quickly grew in strength and declared himself, Emperor. Though there was something that the Jedi have always found in the most difficult of times: Hope. That hope was so strong it turned the tide of the war. Grand Jedi Master, Renjiro Hyuuga, and the Dark Lord, Darth Judicar, dueled so fiercly that they destroyed an entire republic city. The end of the battle was a draw, both barely escaping with their life. Judicar realized it was time to give all his knowledge and skills to an aprentice, and that aprentice would be his succesor, or so he hoped: Darth Animus.

Clash of Master and Aprentice Arc:Judicar taught the Aprentice many things, untill the Aprentice thought his master was no longer of any use to him. One stormy night, Animus burst down the door to Judicar's chambers and announced his betrayal. Judicar knew this would happen eventually, this wasnt a surprise to him. Judicar ignited his curved-hilt lightsaber and dashed at his Aprentice with unbeleiveable speed. The aprentice fought well, he even managed to smash Judicar through the wall, though he was no match for Judicar. The Aprentice got careless and that cost him his life. His lightsaber hilt was cut in half, he was force pushed into a wall, burned alive with force lightning, and then Judicar used force crush on the Aprentice, the Aprentice imploded.

Finding a Dead Man:Juidicar heard rumors that Darth Revan was alive. Rubbish, he's been dead for years, thousands of them Judicar thought for a long time. But pretty soon, Judicar got desperate. He craved the wisdom of one of the most famous Dark Lords of all time. Judicar gave up hope, he was no where to be found.

Roleplay Sample:Judicar was cloaked and his hood was over his face so no one would recognise him. He came to the healer named John, Judicar was poisoned. The healer saw a cloaked man aproaching him, he could tell that he had a powerful poison in him. Judicar came up to the man, took of his hood and under his hood was a face contorted with evil. "Give me the antidote or you die!" Judicar threatened as he ignited his lightsaber.

Weapons:App example: My app-Update(Not Finished, updating history) Vxf19u the color is red

The Sith prevail over all.
Do not underestimate the flames of hatred.
More importantly the dark side.
App example: My app-Update(Not Finished, updating history) 2ljno8w
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App example: My app-Update(Not Finished, updating history)
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