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 my new charecter felixx

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the trando that killd

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PostSubject: my new charecter felixx   Wed Sep 17, 2008 9:11 pm





Looks:a trandoshin with blue skin slueyes

Personality:short temperd

Special Characteristics:was a out cast frome his tribe

Force Powers he hopes to achive: force choke, force lightning, force invisabilaty,force push pull,force toucher and force dechipher : custom user may wread all writin languges useing the force and mid trick

History/Background Storyfelixx was a trandoshi that came frome a tribe of elders who said the sith were bad but felixx didnt beleav them so at the ge of 6 he flled the tribe and stolle a ship that was set for atouw pilote to the sith planet were he askd to stay until redy

Roleplay Sample:felixx hated the elders so he plad a exscape and tonight wa sthe night he grbd his speer and ran to the star port, he saw a cocky sith apprentic who was bosting his master let him gourd the ship withch he said was atou piloteset to go to the sith planet felevv snuck past him and got on bored and hit a green buttion and was off.

Weapons: can i have a aprentice sith look after me until he old unuf to be my master then i want a red set of light sabers
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Darth Judicar
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Darth Judicar

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PostSubject: Re: my new charecter felixx   Thu Sep 18, 2008 6:19 pm

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my new charecter felixx
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