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 Joseph Pokakaa The Force sensative

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PostSubject: Joseph Pokakaa The Force sensative   Sat Oct 18, 2008 1:12 pm

Name: Joseph Pokakaa

Age: 8

Gender: male

Rank: normal guy

Looks: This is with no Jedi Training

Personality: Funny, Witty, and pretty smart.

Special Characteristics: He is force sensative he just hasn't had training.

Force Powers: None

History/Background Story: Joe was born in a small house with his father, and mother, but he has always been smart. Joe was Force sensative at 5, and at 6 his mom died. Joe had hoped to become a Jedi one day, but first he has to find one. His Father was a soilder but he died, but one day he will be a Jedi... Here is the final chat he had with his father two years ago when Shin was only 6, wanting to go on a mission with his father.
Roleplay Sample: "But dad...why can't I go with you!?" said young Joe disappointed.

"Son you are too young you don't even have a real blaster." said his father with an annoyed look on his face.

"But I'm gonna be a Jed, one day" replied Joe in a sad voice.

"How about when I come back, we practice shooting some wamprats together" said his father with an under standing expression.

"Ok, but I'll hold you to it." said Joe eagerly.

Joe waited many days for his fathers return. Two days later they found out the mission was a set up, and that his father was killed along with the rest of the squad. Ever since that day Shin has been trying to become a true Jedi...
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PostSubject: Re: Joseph Pokakaa The Force sensative   Sat Oct 18, 2008 5:19 pm

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Joseph Pokakaa The Force sensative
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